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Amber J. Steinbach
MN Artist

Portfolio 1

Fine Art Work. 

Portfolio 1

Illustration Work.



   Amber Steinbach is an artist living outside the Minneapolis area. She graduated from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design (MCAD) with a BFA in Drawing & Painting. She is interested in the relationship between materials and how they interact with one another. Experimenting with different combinations of mediums is something that she works a lot with.     Her subject matter varies from portraiture, the human body, objects, animals, and landscapes. She enjoys the intimacy of portraiture so she uses herself and friends as references to make the process that much more intimate. Her most recent work "Body and Abstraction" wishes to take parts of the body and rearrange them in a way that's unrecognizable but still feels bodily. Her work has been shown in the Foundation Homewood Studios Exhibition in Minneapolis, MN in 2019 and the Made at MCAD show in spring 2022. She also received a Foundations Merit Scholarship in 2019.


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